Weird Amazon Things
Weird Amazon Things
Weird Amazon Things

Check out what weird things Amazon is selling today! From Handisquirrels to plus placentas!

We shop for Amazon weird things sometimes. How could it not be, with things we use every day and the ideal gifts for everyone on our list? We can also quickly find products with near-perfect reviews and a variety of stuff for under $1, as well as ogle Amazon’s most costly item and laugh at some pretty funny feedback. It’s all-in-one smart shopping and entertainment! However, our favorite online merchant provides a wide assortment of things, including some that are downright bizarre. And these things aren’t only available; they’re also popular. After all, one person’s garbage is another’s treasure, as the saying goes.

Archie McPhee Handi Squirrel

Unless you’re nuts, you’ll realize that having a squirrel on the end of your arm is way more interesting, though less practical, than your boring old hand! This set of five soft vinyl finger puppets (four 2-3/4″ paws and a 1-3/4″ head) is perfect for climbing trees, getting barked at by dogs and burying food for the winter. Don’t blame us if you find yourself breaking into a bird feeder Mission Impossible-style for a few sunflower seeds. Handisquirrels can be underhanded.

Placenta plush

That’s right, you read that correctly. The stuffed replica of a placenta, complete with an umbilical cord and a tiny book about “baby’s first roommate,” is this happy little fellow. You really shouldn’t get this for a pregnant woman, but medical students and OBGYN residents will love it.

Coin-stealing cat piggy bank

Still no idea to choose which present for your lovely child? How about this adorable piggy bank which can help you children save money efficiently and build the habits of financing in the early age. Great gift for kid’s birthday and the coming Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Gnome and corgi garden statue

We’re at a loss for words with this one… Mostly because we’re laughing so hard that we can’t think straight. However, you may know a dog lover or two who would enjoy this small stone resin sculpture. If a Dachshund or a pug is more your style, the gnome can ride one of them. Don’t miss out on these additional one-of-a-kind dog-lovers’ presents.

Cat butt tissue holder

What could be more adorable than removing a tissue from a cat butt holder? We can probably come up with a few ideas. If you can’t, this fluffy kitten can hold your tissues in an odd and perhaps unnerving manner.

Corgi bottom shoulder bag

This soft, cute purse is a must-have for every Corgi enthusiast. It may not be a designer handbag or one of the classic handbags every lady should carry, but it is a must-have for any Corgi lover. It’s also functional, as there’s a nice hole directly under the tail for slipping your headphones through.

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