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You might be wondering, as a big kid, what the finest robot toys for kids are these days (that you might have an interest in too).

5 robots

In today’s environment, children are exposed to robots in a variety of ways. They’ve seen them in animated films, on assembly lines, and in toy stores. Robots have captured the interest of children of all ages, despite the fact that they are not yet a common household item.

1.This smart robot named Carle can be controlled by phone APP, remote controller, voice command and gravity sensor easily. Kids can have more fun based on their age level. All in all It is easy to operate and indeed a friendly companion.

2.Anki Cozmo Robot by Anki – A Fun, Interactive Toy Robot, Perfect for Kids, a charming and intelligent robotic sidekick that explores, remembers and reacts to his environment – and to you! Challenge him to games, or turn on Explorer Mode to see things from Cozmo’s perspective!

3.LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox Robotics Kit, 5 in 1 App Controlled Building Model with Programmable Interactive Robot Toy and Bluetooth Hub, Coding Kits for Kids. Kids can build 1-in-5 multi-functional robot toys and control them with easy-to-use coding blocks on a tablet to learn the basics of robotics. The robot kit includes a moving/talking robot, versatile rover, musical instrument, robot interactive pet cat or AutoBuilder production line.

4.LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander 3 Robot Toys in 1 Set incl. R2-D2, App Controlled Programmable Interactive Robots, Robotics Coding Kits for Kids. This buildable robot toy puts your child in command of 3 buildable, app-controlled Star Wars LEGO droids. These are R2-D2, Gonk Droid and Mouse Droid. Kids learn to use the intuitive BOOST drag-and-drop coding app. Each command gives each droid their own personalities and skills to solve missions. Build 3 separate droid robots and bring them to life one at the time using Bluetooth-controlled Move Hub, color & distance sensor plus interactive motor. Kids may constructs tools, weapons, targets, obstacles and lots more as they progress through over 40 exciting missions. Buildable props include rocket boosters, a catapult, a cake shooter, a target, color decoder, obstacles and many more.

5.Bittle Robotic Dog by Petoi – Open Source Programmable STEM Learning Dog Toy – Endless Coding Possibilities – 3D Puzzle Body Frame for Assembly – Sophisticated Motions – Wireless App Control. Realistic little Robot Dog construction kit with lots of fun plays. The Bittle is the world’s first palm-sized, servo-activated bionic robotic dog with 1 hour of play time. Have your very own programmable robot pet navigate with life-like movements. It can even perform tricks with the remote control or the mobile app.

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in a comment below!

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