Besides the golden rules that everybody is familiar with, such as staying hydrated, eating healthy and doing physical activity, there are social factors which play an important role and impacts our health.

The concern for health and living a healthy lifestyle has increased over the past decade. However, there still are people who only think about physical health, disregarding the importance of mental health and it’s impact.

The social factors of the world around us can even affect our life expectancy by almost 30 years! Income, education, occupation, social class, all of these play a huge role in our life!

One’s health can be influenced by various factors such as education, income, and occupation. Why you may ask? Conditions in which a person is born lives, grows, works, etc. are known as social determinants of health.

While health interventions have traditionally focused on who people are and what they do, the circumstances in which they are born, develop, live, work, and age are significant in determining individual and community health.

Educate yourself with these top tips, and get all the information you need to stay healthy!

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You can find out more about these concepts and how they affect you in your everyday life in the video below!

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