An 85-year-old Navy veteran from Minnesota has always wanted to become a tap dancer. He is now proving to the world that you are never too old to follow your dreams. His name is Arne Mayala and he will blown you away with his strong character.

We hope Arne is happy because we already know there is somebody who loves him! Having the right person beside you is crucial as we can see in the example above. The two are the sweetest couple. For sure every person dreams of finding their other half just like Arne. The tap dancer teaches us that there is no such thing as an age impediment when it comes to fulfilling a lifetime dream. As an 85-year-old Navy veteran wanting to become a tap dancer seems surreal. Most importantly, despite all odds, the man has found happiness.

One day, they were on their way to the accountant’s office. So, Arne and his wife were walking on the street when they passed by a dance studio. It was his wife, Carol, who convinced him to finally start a new hobby because she knew it was his dream. The dance instructor has been working in the dance industry for 22 years and confessed that it is the first time she has had the opportunity to work with such a determined man. The 85-year-old Navy veteran dances with such passion that overwhelms the entire world. Moreover, Arne inspired her so deeply that as a result, she opened a dance class at the assisted living facility.

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