instagram star cat

Famous Instagram star cat flees wartorn Ukraine with her family!

instagram star cat
instagram star cat

Everyone was concerned about Stepan’s and his family’s safety when Russia first invaded Ukraine. They made comments on his Facebook pages, and someone even created a Twitter account for him to provide updates and raise awareness. Stepan and his family didn’t seem to be posting much, and everyone was just hoping they were fine.

In 2020, Stepan’s mother began uploading images and videos of him on Instagram and TikTok, and he has since taken the internet by storm. On both platforms, he now has over a million followers, and people flock to his sites knowing that he will make them smile and bring a little joy into their life.

Stepan is curious and quirky, and he enjoys posing for cute and silly images. Stepan’s life and routine had to change recently because he and his family now live in Ukraine.

Then Stepan’s family was finally able to send an update. They had made it out of Ukraine safely, with Instagram star cat Stepan in tow.

Stepan’s family stated on Instagram, “We spent two nights in the basement and a week without electricity.” “To charge the phone, we had to go to the basement nearby.” Then we were able to get out of the city. Volunteers from Kharkiv assisted us by transporting us to the train station. We boarded the Kharkiv-Lviv train (in 20 hours, we got to Lviv). After this, we proceeded to the Polish border. We waited in line for a pedestrian crossing at the border. There were a large number of individuals present (4 to 5 thousand). We crossed the border after 9 hours.”

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