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improve your sleep
Improve your sleep!

Improve your sleep drastically with these affordable accessories!

When it comes to your ability to feel joyful and productive, a good night’s sleep can make all the difference. While falling asleep naturally would be ideal, our modern world need modern sleep interventions.

That’s where insomnia products come in handy.

Yogasleep Dreamcenter Multi Sound Machine with Night Light

Yogasleep has been a trusted pioneer in white noise devices since 1962, and they invented their characteristic sound — the calming ambient sounds of flowing air. To conceal disturbances that impair sleep, the Dreamcenter provides the rich Yogasleep sound in a compact unit.

Set the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep with the Yogasleep Dreamcenter Multi-Sound Machine and Night Light. There are 24 sound selections in all, including 9 white noise alternatives such as fan and Dohm sounds, as well as brown noise and 8 sleep tunes.

Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

Choosing a pillow is a huge decision that will have a long-term impact on how you sleep. Hundreds of thousands of people prefer to sleep on a Panda pillow every night. It’s the result of years of development and testing.

Supportive memory foam with a bamboo pillow cover that is gentle on the skin. Thanks to the extremely permeable bamboo cover that keeps the air moving, temperature regulating technology will keep the cushion cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Superb.

Twinings Superblends Sleep Tea

Herbal tea is an easy and relaxing addition to any evening routine. Many varieties are frequently utilized as natural sleep and relaxing aids. Relax in your comfy pillow after your last sip of this delicious tea with spiced apple, vanilla, chamomile & passionflowers.

TEKAMON Thermal Blackout Curtains

To create a sleep-friendly environment, we want it to be as dark and silent as possible. For anyone sleeping while the sun is shining or in the summer when it starts to grow bright early, the blackout curtains will filter off warming light. Also street lights and city lights can disrupt sleep, but a good curtain like this one blocks them totally.

Fitbit Sense

Although Fitbit is most recognized for its fitness tracking capabilities, it can also be used to track sleep. Fitbit’s newest wristwatch can help you better understand and track your sleep patterns. It displays you not only how long you slept but also how much time you spend in light, deep, and REM sleep during the night. It then uses this data to provide you a Sleep Score, which indicates how well or poorly you slept.

LEVOIT 6L Top-Fill Humidifier

A humidifier is one tool that might help you sleep better while also benefiting your skin. Your lips and skin will feel less dry as a result of the extra moisture in the air.
A decent humidifier can help with a variety of issues, including preventing or alleviating dry skin and reducing nasal passage swelling during a cold. Humidifiers can also assist prevent virus transmission through the air. This option also has an essential oil feature, allowing you to add your favorite aromatherapy oils.

One more thing that can help you sleep better is relieving some stress. Check out our hobby ideas here, maybe you will discover a hidden talent you have!

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