Usually, we are always in a rush and when we must put on a casual outfit, a shirt is a solution. This only if we find it in the drawer… Adopt this ingenious folding technique for T-shirts! It will make it easier to stay organized and have everything in your sights.

You’re not only wasting space and causing severe mess in your closets and drawers if you hurriedly fold your clean laundry before putting it all away, but you’re also likely wrinkling all of your garments.
The folding hacks below will save you a lot of room while keeping everything properly arranged.

Rather than stacking tees on top of one another and then sifting through the pile, this strategy allows shirts to stand erect. It efficiently fills the drawer and allows you to see your complete collection at once.

Alexandra presents a fast and simple folding technique for T-shirts by size so they can be placed in any order in the drawer. What is unique is that Alexandra uses a magic tool for this operation.

On the table, she puts a support panel that can bend both vertically and horizontally along well-defined lines. You only have to place the T-shirt on the plastic panel. Then, with just a few strokes, the T-shirt is perfectly bent.

Using this method of folding T-shirts will help you keep everything organized without much effort.

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