Many people have probably thought about starting writing at least once. When you think of writers you associate them with the typing machine sounds. Thankfully nowadays there is the perfect keyboard that will give off the same energy as if you were writing in the 19th century. There are many designs, however, the result is the same: the satisfying click sound that will make you want to write more and more.

Check out this elegant yet modern typing board. It is upgraded to Bluetooth 5.0, which allows the appliance to switch between devices is faster. 
If you pull the lever, you can adjust the white Led lights mode, to work more comfortably. You can also adjust the loudness and brightness of the light by twisting the knobs. It is compatible with Android, Windows 10, iOS, and Mac phones, tablets, and laptops.

To fully control your computer, program all 89 keys or develop 8 complicated macros with the configuration software. A macro key can produce a total of 31 characters. Not only gamers but a wide range of users, including designers and video editors can improve their work speed.
After you’ve set up your keyboard keys, they’ll be immediately saved in the keyboard’s MCU, so you won’t have to reset the keyboard or even change the computer. You can position the two keypads to fit your body thanks to the split adjustable design.

Next is a more modern piece with a nostalgic feeling that simply looks familiar. The Kailh Box White Switch is a tactile switch masterpiece.
It is a piece of solid, heavy-duty equipment that won’t let you down. The materials used are high-quality, durable materials and covered with additional counterweight sections forming a sturdy structure. Mechanic Hearts, on the other hand, tries to deliver the purest typing experience possible.
Advanced software allows for near-infinite customization. The user can choose from a wide variety of customization features. For quick configuration and assignment, there are available 16.8 million colors, ten different themed modes, limitless shortcuts, and more!

Varmilo EC switches work on the idea of electro-capacitive triggering, which means that the trigger speed of EC switches is faster than that of a typical mechanical keyboard, giving you the best gaming experience possible in game mode. The switching feedback provides a strong sense of confirmation, which is ideal for gamers who prefer a strong sense of reaction and who use the keyboard more intensively, such as FPS players.
It allows you to connect three devices at once and swap them forth effortlessly. In wireless mode, the built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery offers a long battery life.
The exterior can be customized. There are many exterior pieces, including the top case, knobs, rivets, and the kickstand, meant to be easily detachable. In addition, it provides a variety of customization options.

Last, but not least this elegant piece will elevate your office! The top plate is made of genuine walnut wood. To match the white leather top, the zinc alloy frame is cast, hand-polished, and copper-plated. Hex bolts are used for structural purposes as well as for a vintage industrial look.
The mechanical keys are calibrated to be haptic and “click”, as a reminder of the old typewriter. To obtain the best wrist position simply adjust the keyboard tilt angle. To customize the keyboard height, simply twist the back pillar-style feet.
For a classy touch, each keyboard features an elegantly crafted plaque with the emblem stamped and filled with glossy lacquer.

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