Dogs, these true friends of man, cannot stay away from their owners for long. And what could be more representative in this but the moment when this dog reunites with his owner after a long time of separation? The puppy’s joy is huge, and this can be seen in the pictures below.

Do you not know how a dog reacts when it reunites with his master who left him for a while? You will understand better after watching this video. The quadruped, accompanied by its other owner, is waiting in the lobby of the airport for his dad to return from a long journey.

It had already been three years since the dog hadn’t seen its master. At first, both the man and the dog were sitting motionless watching each other, then the dog jumped into the arms of the man. It was like the dog wanted to tell him: ” Do not ever leave me again, I missed you so much! “

What followed would excite anyone because it is the best evidence that dogs may be able to have feelings and their reactions say it all. They often teach us what it means to be faithful and loving unconditionally. If you have such a lovely dog as in these pictures, every day will seem much more beautiful!

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Enjoy the video!

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